Suites Available in Cherry Hill NJ

Phenix Salon Suites of Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Phenix, because being the boss means you get to set the style and create a community built upon respect!

Phenix is pleased to be able to serve Cherry Hill and bring the gold standard salon suite concept to the heart of Cherry Hill, New Jersey / Camden county. We are located off Route 70/Marlton Pike West with easy access to Philly. Your clients have easy access to you and all the restaurants and shopping in the area allowing them to make a day of their salon day.

The Freedom and Joy of Leaving a Toxic Salon Behind

Working in a toxic salon is not the best way to feel valued and earn more. It could be causing you to go home feeling let down and uninspired because of how the owner allowed you to be treated. Have you felt deflated, let down or on the brink of tears at least twice over the last 3 months? If you’ve asked yourself, but what can I do, I don’t have a choice but to work in a salon? You aren’t alone, and it’s not your fault that you think you don’t have a choice. Your salon owner doesn’t want you exploring your options, and the industry has told us this is the only way.

Hannah used to go home in tears and felt worthless after working all day in her toxic salon. Now she is excited to go to work in her salon, with her name on the door.

What did she do? She created a safe space for her and her clients inside her private salon studio. She joined Phenix Salon Suites because she wanted to feel valued and heard and not like a number measured against the salon’s bottom line. She created a beautiful space that reflects everything missing in her old salon, and RESPECT is everywhere.

How did she do that? She clicked the blue button and filled out the online form and toured Phenix Salon Suites!

Phenix Salon Suites cherry hill nj salon studios available
Phenix Salon Suites Cherry Hill NJ

Each salon suite (or studio salon) at Phenix is a separate, fully enclosed, customized room with a private locking entrance for beauty and salon professionals to operate your personal salon business.

Do I Own My New Jersey Salon?

Yes! Each boutique salon is properly licensed/registered with the state board of cosmetology in New Jersey, which allows beauty professionals like you the opportunity to actually own your own salon without the risks and high expenses that can come with a traditional salon buildout.

Think of Phenix Salon Suites as a mall of beauty businesses with salons, spas and other beauty businesses owned and operated by independent salon professionals like you.

What can I expect?

A salon suite provides more freedom, more profits, and more privacy for stylists and estheticians.

Your luxury studio salon at Phenix Salon Suites can be decorated however you like, so you can design the salon or spa space that you’ve always dreamt of owning.

You set your own hours, create the schedule you and your family need, make your own rules, charge the prices you deserve, and use the products you love that will benefit your clients best.

Should you need anything at all, call us, and a real person (actually one of the owners) will answer your call and take care of it.

What is Included?

Our pricing is “all-in pricing” what that means is that there are no hidden fees.

Your suite, the state-of-the-art security, breakroom, intercom system, laundry room we even provide laundry detergent and spa towels.

You and your guests use our high-speed internet, and you have access to your business as you would any salon storefront business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your schedule, your rules. All you pay is one weekly fee and we take care of the rest!

What About Towels?

We provide salon/spa towels for the use of our owners. They are complimentary, which means no extra fees.

This is something that our owners often thank us for providing because it allows them to focus on their clients and running their business and not remembering to wash towels. One less worry and one more reason to breathe freely.

At Phenix we are so much more than a space for your salon… we support you and your business! We will help you get started and go the extra throughout the process to support you and your new business, so you have all the building blocks for a successful beauty business. We believe that finding a work life balance is as important as a successful career and we are here to help you make that happen!

We provide independent beauty professionals with salon studios that provide them with what you need to own the salon of your dreams. In addition to the luxury spaces, we provide the support and tools you need to launch a successful salon business. Our suites are not just for hairstylists, we can also accommodate other types of beauty professionals such as estheticians, lash and brow artists, nail techs, massage therapists and more!

One of our owners, Antonella is a beauty industry expert who provides marketing and business support to all of our suite owners. Paul and Fred are there to help with maintenance items and you will never have to clean another hair trap again! The best part about our location is that all of our suite owners are part of our Phenix family, we curate a culture and community of support.

You are never alone and always have access to the owners and your suite-mates who are like minded independent business owners just like you!

We pride ourselves on offering high end, modern and luxurious suites designed to be not only beautiful but also efficient. We are proud to help empower beauty professionals to take your career to the next level!

All utilities and amenities including water, electric, Wi-Fi, maintenance and use of the laundry facilities are also included. We go one step further and provide peace of mind that you are in a safe, secure location with owners who have your back.

We love to see the unique decor of your luxury salon suites. Your space should reflect you and your brand, so feel free to wallpaper, paint, hang artwork whatever you need to personalize the space and make it yours.